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What IS Knit Stars?

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Each season Includes:


High quality video lessons from your favorite designers, each with 1-2 hours of instruction broken up into chapters.

HANDOUTS + Patterns

Each workshop comes with printable handouts or patterns, as well as a printable transcript, so you can take notes and follow along.


We know your schedule's tight, so your video lessons never expire once they're released. Watch them whenever you want.


Watch the fun replays from all previous Q+A sessions, where the Stars answer your most common questions.


Our friendly and supportive Facebook group lets you get advice and stay inspired. 

Free Bonus Patterns

Get access to awesome bonus patterns from your instructors, many of which are exclusive to Knit Stars!


  • Hannah Fettig (Minimize and prioritize, get the perfect fit, and create more wearable knits.)

  • Stephen West (Westknits Bestknits! Shortcut rows, I-cord basics, brioche stitch, finishing techniques, and more.)

  • Julie Weisenberger (Learn English tailoring techniques so your garments look ready-to-wear.)

  • Meghan Fernandes (Finishing Strong, Finishing in Style: How to make sure your WIPs become FOs you'll actually wear!)

  • Romi Hill (Learn lace knitting, beading, working on-the-go, shawl construction, and tips to build your confidence.)

  • Amy Small (Learn to work with chunky art yarns and develop a boho-chic style with pom poms, tassels, macrame fringe, and a variety of pattern ideas.)

  • Taiu Landra (Learn Koigu color theory, how to combine colors, and how to work with mitered squares.)

  • Julie and Jean-Francois Asselin (Learn about yarn construction and why it matters, how to choose the right ply, how to match yarn to project, and more.)

  • Andrea Mowry (Color and style confidence, fading colors, tips to avoid heartbreak.)

  • Nancy Marchant (The Tuck Stitch: two-color long tail cast on, changing patterns and colors, and correcting mistakes.)

  • Steven Berg (Color and fiber mixology and knitting with unconventional materials.)

  • Alexa Ludeman (Fair isle tips & tricks, how to design your own fair isle yoke and sweater.)

  • Tammy White (Making fiber from sheep to shawl, natural foraging and dyeing.)

  • Laura Nelkin (Lace tips and tricks, double-sided lace, Shetland Lace, Estonian Nupps, Japanese Lace, lace finishing.)

  • Amy Herzog (Three ingredients of a successful sweater; adjusting for body shape, and more.)

  • Michele Wang (Fabulous finishing, seaming, blocking, grafting, tubular bind-offs.)

  • Beata Jezek (Color Fast! Hacks for choosing colors and combining colors, and styling your knits.)

  • Tamara Kelly (Crochet hacks for knitters, fixing armholes, decorative edging, and more.)

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  • ARNE & CARLOS (master class in Norwegian colourwork; Norwegian knit and purl.)

  • Veera Välimäki (A study in stripes: back-and-forth, jogless, vertical and more.)

  • Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting (The secrets of knitting happiness.)

  • Ann Budd (Taking the fear out of steeking; adding zippers and buttons after your steek.)

  • Christel Seyfarth (A unique approach to colorwork from Fanø Island, Denmark; magic balls, steeking and more.)

  • Cecelia Campochiaro (Sequence Knitting from one-row repeats to the serpentine method.)

  • Carson Demers (Knitting ergonomics; improve posture and efficiency for lifelong knitting health)

  • Lorilee Beltman (The fascinating world of vertically stranded colorwork.)

  • Andrea Rangel (The magical world of colorwork motifs, including a Knit Stars exclusive motif to try.)

  • Mary Jane Mucklestone (Fair Isle Knitting, using color to create inspiration and mood.)

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When you complete your collection by owning all of the Knit Stars seasons, you can unlock access to special bonus “All Star” content in your Knit Stars student portal, including:

  • A special badge to share on social media (so everyone knows you're a Knit Stars guru)

  • The "Resource Vault" - a one-stop resource for ALL of your Knit Stars patterns and handouts

  • The "Quick Reference Guide" - an index of all the skills taught across all Knit Stars courses so you can quickly find any skill you need

  • Bonus footage from the Knit Stars 3.0 instructors, including their favorite can’t-live-without-it tools!


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